EVA sound-insulating foam sheets/coils

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We are specializing in the production of EVA sound-insulating foam sheets/coils, with adhesive or non-adhesive, directly glue onto the walls, floorings, ceilings or light steel frames and then reinforce with nails. Easy and quick for installation. Custom made length or thickness are available by request.





Thickness: 1 – 50mm or customizable thickness

Width: 1000mm, can be customized to different widths

Length: 2000mm in pieces, or in coils length 200m /300m/400m or above


(Specimen Thickness 1.2mm, Test Regulation CNS 15316)

Hardness: 20-80 shoreC




Sound Absorption / Shock Absorption / Cushioning Materials / Waterproof / Moisture Resistant / Sound Insulation




Soundproofing mat for laminate flooring, cushioning materials, building materials, soundproof wall panel lining, ceiling wall soundproof lining.





General Installation Method


1. light steel frame installation     remove the back release paper



一張含有 室內, 櫃子, 建築物, 白色 的圖片



一張含有 室內, 個人, 桌, 廚房 的圖片



2. attach the foam onto the top of the steel frame

一張含有 個人, 室內, 男人, 廚房 的圖片




3. gently remove the release paper from the foam after aligning


一張含有 室內, 窗戶, 坐, 建築物 的圖片




4. install the partition walls after foam layers attached completely



一張含有 室內, 坐, 鏡, 黑色 的圖片