After long-term development, Prowang Plastic Co., Ltd creates PVC rigid foam sheets (PROLIGHT) by its state-of- the-art Multi-Extrusion & Compression technology. PROLIGHT are lightweight, much tough without chap, anti-insects, moisture proof, self-fire extinguishing and chemical corrosion durability. PROLIGHT could be recycled environmentally and are assemble & cut friendly.



Standard Size:


Panels Thickness (mm)

Panels Length (mm)



Thickness Capability:  3mm - 18mm

Density Range:       0.55 g/cm3 to  0.65 g/cm3

Surface Color:       Designated by Order Quantity










Panels Applications:

- Building partition or decoration for dwellings, offices, public places or boats etc.

- System furniture, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, living room cabinets and shoes


- Furniture of all kinds of desks, closets or bedsides cupboards etc.

- Cubicle boards, showcase boards, cabinets boards and partition boards.

- Floor boards of cars, buses, trains or yachts.

- Sign boards of advertising, exhibitions, computer printing or window shopping decoration.

- Modem interior-exterior architecture design.

- Door planks for bathrooms, washrooms or resting rooms.

- Floor boards for bathrooms, washrooms, rest rooms and interior design.

- Interior, exterior boards and DIY furniture.

- Waterproof, moisture proof and weather durable facilities boards.

- Fire prevention, flame resistant facilities boards.



Panels Characteristics:

1.      Timber-like process functions and easy to nail, drill, shave or glue. Well-adhesive advantage for painting. Customers could paint as their favors.

2.      Without wood natural defective problem, such as chap or rot problem and no need for maintenance constantly.

3.      Waterproof, moisture proof, mildew proof, corrosion resistant and moisture durable. Solve the wood problem which is easily rotted, expanded and deformed because of moisture or vapors.

4.      Self-fire extinguishing and non combustion-supporting features. Certification of USA UL94 V - 0 Flammability standard.

5.      Environmental-friendly green healthy materials, negative content of formaldehyde, TVOC and asbestos.

6.      Plastics features of well storage for long periods of time, hardly deformed and long time usage.

7.      Smooth rigid surface, scrape durability and anti-indentation.

8.      Good anti-chemical properties, acid proof and bear the alkali.

9.      Good dimension stability and able to reprocess again and again.

10.   Weather resistant and able to set outdoor over a period of time.

11.   High Insulation.

12.   Anti-insects and anti-termites.

13.   Suitable for printing and fitting process.

14.   Light weight and Toughness features.













SGS Test Reports:


Procell and Prolight


Prolight and WPC

Prolight Rohs




Prolight VOC

















PROLIGHT_List of Chemical resistant:











Antiseptic report: